The sensational, heart-stopping, Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel

Dust, debris, plaster, and loud noises from the construction crew could not deter the beauty and transformation that is happening at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel.  When I walked into the Persian Terrace, I was immediately transported to a time of elegance and class. The grandeur and classiness of the ten shiny chandeliers that adorn this room are absolutely breath-taking.  I heard Ed Riley and his wife had their senior prom dance in this very same room. I wonder if they are planning a dance once it is finished; talk about romanticism and a beautiful trip down to memory lane.

Although the elegance of the Persian Terrace caught most of my attention, it wouldn’t be fair to not mention the hotel lobby.  Your senses will be delighted as soon you step foot into this grand hotel. Waiting to be checked-in will be a pleasure as you will be mesmerized by the gorgeous and intricate design of the original, restored chandeliers and the absolutely stunning restored art work on the wall behind the reception area – and all throughout the ceilings. The craftsmanship throughout…my gosh what an impressive and breath-taking restoration.

No amount of photography or videos can evoke the emotions one feels walking into such a beautiful and historical place, but Officially-Unofficial and ana gil-taylor photography will do their best to capture a beautifully fun sneak peek of this sensational, heart-stopping, Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel. I leave you with a mini video sneak peek and a picture of me – totally happy to have experienced this – with Paul McNeil, Hotel Manager. Feel free to subscribe to our channel to be notified when the real sneak peek goes out! Thanks for reading! – ana

ana gil taylor and Paul MCNeil

Marriott Syracuse Downtown Sneak Peek


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