Call me By Your Name – Movie Review

“Call me By your Name”  by Luca Guadagnino, what a fantastic movie. Beautifully written, edited and produced.  A beautiful love story in the 80’s, in Italy. You can only imagine the scenery 💞 . The cast is great, however, the two main characters #ArmieHammer and #TimothéeChalamet were flawless; Their chemistry was bewitching.

I do have to say, this movie is not for everyone – There were a couple of guys snoring and another guy kept walking in/out of the theater – quite funny and annoying at the same time. I can understand why they felt that way; It was a bit too long. However once you watch it, you will appreciate its length and why it was probably a challenge for the editors to shorten it.

The soundtrack, oh the sound track :).  It had me going back to my beautiful, fun, carefree era; the 80’s. I found my mind beautifully wandering and recalling some of the most amazing memories of my beautiful childhood/teenage hood 💞I simply loved this movie;  it is definitely a must see.  Great job everyone. – annie  #officiallyunofficialtvOfficially-Unofficial

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