The happy artists with Ms. Syracuse Winterfest

“Believe in Syracuse, an organization focused on highlighting the great things about the City of Syracuse, had their first “Creativity Crates” expo & Auction at the Everson Museum.  Eleven local artists had the opportunity to have their art showcased  & auctioned off. The SocietyGurl, was the event’s emcee to a room filled with artists supporters and art enthusiasts.  This event was definitely the place to be on that Saturday, even Ms. Syracuse Winterfest made an appearance!

The artist were present and the excitement on their faces could not behidden, as their pieces came up to be auctioned off, yet they stayed so composed; I swear I would have balled my eyes out.  I mean, to witness bid wars over their paintings by friends, family and strangers, must have been an unbelievable feeling for all of them!  Some of the paintings sold for as high as two-hundred dollars! These were probably the first paintings they have ever sold! Definitely an emotional and proud moment. 

A dream Jim Flint had, and through Believe in Syracuse he was able to fulfill.  Believe in Syracuse has given these young artist the valuable gift of motivation, encouragement and a sneak peek at what their future could be like if they continue with their dreams.

The happy artist with Ms. Syracuse Winterfest

It was definitely an honor to have been present at this first Creativity Crates Expo and Auction.

For more information about Creativity Crates and/or Believe in Syracuse, please visit their website at

Want to see more pictures of this event?  Visit:   Believe in Syracuse Creativity Crates Expo & Auction 

Jim Flint with artist Megan Lentz


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photography by: ana gil-taylor photography

“Call me By your Name”  by Luca Guadagnino, what a fantastic movie. Beautifully written, edited and produced.  A beautiful love story in the 80’s, in Italy. You can only imagine the scenery 💞 . The cast is great, however, the two main characters #ArmieHammer and #TimothéeChalamet were flawless; Their chemistry was bewitching.

I do have to say, this movie is not for everyone – There were a couple of guys snoring and another guy kept walking in/out of the theater – quite funny and annoying at the same time. I can understand why they felt that way; It was a bit too long. However once you watch it, you will appreciate its length and why it was probably a challenge for the editors to shorten it.

The soundtrack, oh the sound track :).  It had me going back to my beautiful, fun, carefree era; the 80’s. I found my mind beautifully wandering and recalling some of the most amazing memories of my beautiful childhood/teenage hood 💞I simply loved this movie;  it is definitely a must see.  Great job everyone. – annie  #officiallyunofficialtvOfficially-Unofficial

Dust, debris, plaster, and loud noises from the construction crew could not deter the beauty and transformation that is happening at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel.  When I walked into the Persian Terrace, I was immediately transported to a time of elegance and class. The grandeur and classiness of the ten shiny chandeliers that adorn this room are absolutely breath-taking.  I heard Ed Riley and his wife had their senior prom dance in this very same room. I wonder if they are planning a dance once it is finished; talk about romanticism and a beautiful trip down to memory lane.

Although the elegance of the Persian Terrace caught most of my attention, it wouldn’t be fair to not mention the hotel lobby.  Your senses will be delighted as soon you step foot into this grand hotel. Waiting to be checked-in will be a pleasure as you will be mesmerized by the gorgeous and intricate design of the original, restored chandeliers and the absolutely stunning restored art work on the wall behind the reception area – and all throughout the ceilings. The craftsmanship throughout…my gosh what an impressive and breath-taking restoration.

No amount of photography or videos can evoke the emotions one feels walking into such a beautiful and historical place, but Officially-Unofficial and ana gil-taylor photography will do their best to capture a beautifully fun sneak peek of this sensational, heart-stopping, Marriott Syracuse Downtown Hotel. I leave you with a mini video sneak peek and a picture of me – totally happy to have experienced this – with Paul McNeil, Hotel Manager. Feel free to subscribe to our channel to be notified when the real sneak peek goes out! Thanks for reading! – ana

ana gil taylor and Paul MCNeil

Marriott Syracuse Downtown Sneak Peek