Branding videos/Social media ads

“There is a projected 1.5 billion daily online video viewers in 2016 are you reaching them?

What are branding videos? A way to give content marketing a much needed lift.  Studies show that product or service information, in video, will reach customers more effectively than any other form.  There are different types of branding videos and this depends on your business model as well as whether you offer a product, service or both.

What would a branding video do for your organization? Improve brand awareness, increase business opportunities and get your message out! Video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and thanks to the social media boom, it is extremely accessible to large audiences that can be targeted locally and by demographic.  We provide custom video production services to deliver your message which will increase customer connection and action.  We can help you from the development of the initial concept to a distribution strategy of final product.

Did you know? 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it. – comScore 

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